1. www.777hp.com it is intended for using as Physical and Legal persons.
2. Use of portal www.777hp.com is counted as a full agreement of the user to those rules, including all changes maid there.
3. To become user of portal www.777hp.com , the personal data shown (name, surname etc information) shall be true. In portal www.777hp.com is prohibited creation of "fake" profiles, e.g. such profiles where user of portal www.777hp.com inserts data not on themselves, but any other person.
4. Each registered user of portal www.777hp.com has the duty not to make known to third persons their own data of accession of portal.
5.Registered user of portal www.777hp.com in any moment can end its activities, deleting their established profile.
6. Administration of www.777hp.com do not have any responsibility on content of user home pages and inserted information.
7. Each user of portal www.777hp.com is fully responsible on any information, which it places in portal, as well takes full responsibility on the possible consequences (including legal), which can rise from placement of such information.
8. There is prohibited to place on portal www.777hp.com :
o Information (including audio and visual materials), which are violating or exceeds rights of third persons intellectual property (author rights etc.) ;
o Information which violates against honor and respect of the third persons;
o Information about any third person without an approval from him;
o information which invites on violation actions, racial hate or any other illegal activities;
o Information which is blatant, slandering or otherwise abusive;
o Information which contains computer viruses or is established to harm software of PC or any electronic connection software (safety);
o information which has spam (junk mail, spam, chain letter)
o pornographic or too erotic information;
o all other information which affect or can affect portal www.777hp.com normal operation and safety.
By recognition of placing of such information, www.777hp.com has rights to delete immediately such information , as well as to delete or block use of profile of the user for a time.
9. In any case www.777hp.com does not carry any responsibility on any technical problems of portal www.777hp.com in operation of the portal. Besides www.777hp.com is in no way responsible on any losses which have happened to the users of portal www.777hp.com due to the use of portal and provided services by it.
10. Users of portal www.777hp.com has a duty to do all necessary, to ensure protection of www.777hp.com judicial interests („to hold harmless and indemnify”) against any demands or complaints which arise against www.777hp.com and in any way are related to the use of portal from the side of respective user.
11. If in case of misdemeanor of rules of user of portal www.777hp.com is banned or limited access to this portal or its profile has been deleted from it, then to this used are not to be returned no payments, which have been made related to the services provided by portal
12. www.777hp.com, placing information in portal or by assistance of email has the rights to inform users of portal www.777hp.com on different related to portal activities and topicalities.
13. All intellectual property rights regarding portal www.777hp.com belong only and only to www.777hp.com administration In case of violation against those rights guilty person will be called to justice according to the legislation in force and in full responsibility for all created losses, which have been done to the portal www.777hp.com. Each user of portal www.777hp.com is obliged regularly overview those rules, to be informed in time on all changes made.
14.The information given by you is confidential and will not be accessible to the third persons.

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